External window ledge

Installation of an external ledge saves you from handling the wall outside with building materials such as terracotta, marble, and others. The ledge helps to remove moisture more effectively, having a distinct factory slope. It is installed in the window frame. Ledges are available in white and golden oak colours and could be painted any color according to your preferences.

Internal window sill

Window sills give the area around windows attractive appearance and durability. Lightweight and strong, they are suitable for both traditional and modern interiors.

Window sill features:

  • High mechanical resistance: resistance to impact, pressing, scratches and abrasion.
  • Resistance to household cleaning products.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation - they do not change color when exposed to sunlight.
  • Heat resistance - they are not broken even in direct sunlight.

Mosquito screens

A mosquito screen is a necessary feature of any window often used for ventilation. It guarantees peace inside on hot days, protecting you from all sorts of annoying insects.

Mosquito screen frames are made of aluminum painted with powder paint in the color of the customer's choice (white, RAL or wood colors). Different profiles are used for different types of mosquito screens. All mosquito screens are installed outside the windows. The screen is non-flammable, resistant to weather conditions, and protects against insects without reducing visibility and light.

General characteristics of mosquito screens:

  • versatility - they can be used both for windows and doors;
  • they do not require maintenance;
  • they do not interfere with visibility and do not take up additional space
  • the screen is almost inflammable;
  • they are available with and without a frame;
  • frames of different colors are made of high-quality materials that guarantee their durability.

Types of mosquito screens:

Static / stationary / mosquito screens:

These are suitable for all types of windows without presenting difficulties for normal operation and cleaning while attached to windows. They are most appropriate for installing windows used for ventilation of bathrooms, toilets, and warehouses.

Hinged mosquito screens:

Hinged mosquito screens are reliable and convenient. They are suitable for both windows and balcony doors. Their main advantage is that they can be removed in winter. They look like a fixed mosquito screen with hinges, closed with a box clasp or a magnet.

Roller shutters:

Convenient, reliable, and durable, this is the best option for mosquito screens,. This type of screen has the advantage of moving up and down depending on your needs. Easy assembly makes it easier to clean unopened parts of the window. During winter months the screen can be removed, significantly increasing its durability and protecting the screen from aging, as well as from sudden gusts of wind.

Pleated mosquito screens are designed for windows and doors of horizontal or vertical orientation, presenting a modern alternative to standard mosquito screen models. Pleated mosquito screens are convenient, because they can be folded, taking up surprisingly little space.

This is a non-flammable accordion insect screen with a Kevlar cord of high durability. The lower aluminum guide rail provides easy movement and a plastic gutter makes this process even easier.

The accordion insect screen with hinges is suitable for balconies and other doors. This mosquito screen is highly durable due to the reinforced aluminum profile and the choice of mesh material (fiberglass or aluminum).

The hinge allows you to instantly return the spring, and the magnets provide more convenient use and secure closure of the mosquito screen.