What is the difference between aluminum and PVC windows

Before you buy windows for your home, office or industrial premises, find some time to choose a proper material used for their production. If you are looking for windows or doors, the choice is usually between aluminum and plastic frames. Thus, many customers ask “What is the difference between PVC and Al products?”, “What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum and plastic?”, “What to choose for home?” 

Products of both materials look good, they can be painted per the wish of a customer, get open in different ways. However, there are huge differences, positive and negative points which must be taken into account before making the final choice. One of the most important things to think of is what premises will be glazed.

Application – when to choose aluminum and when PVC

Plastic windows are versatile. They are suitable for use in residential, commercial buildings. The problem is they are quite heavy. This causes restrictions on their installation.

Light aluminum frames are used for glazing commercial premises, warehouses, balconies, terraces in old living buildings.

Thermal conductivity

AluminumPVC windows retain heat well. They maintain the inner warmth and comfort not allowing cold air, draft get inside. Plastic frames are good for houses, hospitals, warm terraces.

It is important to buy PVC windows from a large reliable manufacture, such as Tcarev Group. We thoroughly keep the technology process. All the products correspond to the requirements for the density, thermal insulation.

The specific feature of the aluminum systems is they get hot and cold fast. So, in summer it will be very hot inside the premises with Al frames, in winter – cold. The manufacturers found a way to solve this problem. The buyer can now choose between “hot” and “cold” aluminum products. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. “Warm” window’s frames incorporate the polyamide thermal bridge. This option is more expensive, but thanks to heating and sound insulation, it can be used for apartments, cottages.

The ordinary Al system is perfect for shops, storage premises where it is not necessary to keep high temperature. It is used for shopcases, stained glass, pergolas.

Sound insulation

The winner in this battle is the plastic frame system. It has low sound conductivity, provides silence, comfort inside. The street noise hardly gets into the houses and apartments.


PVC products are great for residential buildings, offices. They are perfect for panoramic windows. However, they have structural limitations, may not exceed certain dimensions.

Al windows are more flexible in terms of dimensions and restrictions. One can glaze huge areas in modern office buildings, factories, facilities where much light is a strict requirement with them.

Another advantage of Al frames is that they are thinner, thus, allow more light to pass through.


PVCAluminum is a material that is much more durable than plastic. It keeps the beautiful appearance for a long time (up to 50 years), does not break, withstands the impact of aggressive environment impacts. Such durability is necessary for industrial buildings, workshops.

PVC frames are ideal for ordinary residential buildings. When used properly and are equipped with quality fittings and accessories, they serve up to 25-30 years.

High-quality fittings are another reason to buy plastic windows only from reliable manufactures, as Tcarev Group. Poor quality accessories wear out quickly, so final products cannot fulfill their functions as required. Buying frames from unknown manufacturers or companies with dubious reputation will result in additional costs.

Our company uses only high-quality, durable fittings from Winkhaus ActivPilot.

Fire safety

Modern PVC windows do not burn. In case of the fire the surfaces are melted.

Aluminum products are not burnable under the impact of the fire, high temperature, nor they are melted.

Environmental friendliness

Modern PVC frames are eco-friendly. Toxic compounds harmful to health are not used in their production. Tcarev Group’s plastic windows do not contain toxic components either, as they are made of materials of leading manufacturers, in accordance with the European quality requirements ans standards.

Aluminum products can be recycled. They do not contain any toxic substances.


PVC windows and doors are usually more cost efficient. Al frames are more expensive due to the metal used in production.

Both Al and PVC widows are good to use, you just need to choose a right application. Those of plastic are suitable for homes. Aluminum ones fit factories, workshops glazing.

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