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Roller shutters are resistant to corrosion and moisture. They are reliable and environmentally friendly.

Production of slats is carried out under strict quality control at all stages of the production cycle: from design to installation of the final product.

Protection from weather conditions

Strong protection of the window from bad weather (rain, snow, snowstorms and wind). Broken branches and other items swept by a strong wind will not damage your windows and doors.

Protection from the sun, pleasant coolness on hot days, protection of curtains, furniture and floor coverings from fading under the influence of sunlight.

Theft protection

Protecting your home or office is the main task of roller shutters. When you are absent, the system can effectively protect your property.

Energy saving

When the roller shutters are lowered, there is a gap, and the window acts as a thermos. They help create the optimal temperature in your home: provide coolness on hot days and warmth in cold times.

This helps to save up to 20% of energy

Noise insulation

You will reduce the noise level in the room for quiet work or rest thanks to the insulation of polyurethane foam in the slats.

Protection from prying eyes

You have the opportunity to enjoy the privacy of your home. Your privacy is perfectly protected!

This is especially appropriate for first-floor dwellings.

External roller shutters can have a significant impact on energy savings. At the same time, they allow you to control daylight in order to improve visual and thermal comfort.

The closed roller shutter provides excellent protection from solar radiation and is an ideal way to save energy in the cold winter months.

Thanks to the insulating airbag between the shutter and the window, thermal insulation can be improved up to 25%.