• "We were very pleased with the wide range of products as well as the quality consultation, through which we were able to find the perfect combination of profiles, glass units, and accessories for our building".

  • "It was very convenient to work with a personal manager. Since we were constantly building new properties, we wanted to find a partner with whom we could constantly work. Individual pricing was especially important for us, so we have already signed a contract with Karina Plast for the next project".

  • "We really enjoyed the process of working with Tcarev Group. We were provided with a personal manager who came to our premises several times to clarify all the details, and then masterfully completed a technical project. Despite the large amount of work, the order was completed in a very timely fashion".

  • "When building new properties, we appreciate high quality and compliance with all technical standards. We were pleased to find a partner with the same approach to business in Tcarev Group”.