ActivPilot. A new standard of fit for turn-tilt windows.

The main features of fittings of the new generation.

Locking system

  • fast installation
  • tolerance for a wide range of possible gaps between the sash and the frame
  • fast and accurate, manual adjustment of the compression force
  • simple equipment to achieve higher security
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One locking element for all parts and safety classes

Different security classes are based on the same octagonal locking bolts

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Modular concept

  • fewer design elements
  • greater flexibility in installation
  • easy enrichment of the functional range
  • optimization of warehousing, logistics, availability, and procurement
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Universal (left and right) lock blocking the fall of the sash

You can use three structurally identical angles in the configuration for sashes opening on the vertical and horizontal axes.

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Additional features

  • a quick response to customer wishes
  • expanding the offer of additional value for customers
  • easy upgrade
  • convenient and simple operation
  • components with multiple uses
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Hinges for sashes with adjustable strength (3D adjustable).

Triple function element TFE combines the fail safe device, the sash lifter with the balcony latch.

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  • high strength quality
  • rich functionality
  • easy to clean
  • intuitive comfort when using
  • high-quality accents for beautiful and functional windows
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Double sash drive rod with a new unlock button for improved comfort.

From standard to new standard.

Hardware Karina Plast

With the help of activPilot, we managed to present all solutions in a single system that will meet the latest standard of window locking systems in the future. At the same time, the well-known and proven method of installation autoPilot is the basis of the system. We have used and optimized all the known advantages of this generation - locking pins in the upper hinge block, ease of processing longitudinal parts or modern shear coating. As before, the new generation of fittings maintains intelligent, long-lasting, and systematic linking of individual fitting components. activPilot is an intelligent, well-structured modular system that ultimately leads to the reduction of elements.

From manual installation to the highest degree of automation, we offer accessories that meet all requirements.

For example, moving slats (martinis, backs, etc.) and corners can be attached with cleats in the mounting channel for fittings.

At the same time, CactivPilot offers you such flexibility that you can quickly respond to any customer requests.

With attractive additional features, a new locking system, and easy access to security-class equipment, you have a lot of good arguments in consulting clients. Finally, the design offers a visual representation of the added value in quality.