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What are the cookies

Memory of your pc, laptop, tablet or a smartphone saves small text files as soon as you open the site. Thus, your preferences are recorded. Next time you enter, there is no need to make new settings or enter personal data.

Types of cookies

There are several types of cookies. They differ depends on functions.

Functional cookies

They record your actions, preferences. No need to choose a language or a font size of the page you visit. The user name is recorded as well. Depending on preferences and protection level, passwords can be saved as well.

Security cookies

Purpose of this type of cookies is to prevent unauthorized access to the information available on the site. They protect login details as well.

Analyzing cookies

These cookies help reviewing efficiency of the site, possibilities to make it work better. By using them, we can collect statistics. This includes number of visits, time of staying on one page, most visited pages or pages which were entered recently.

Third-party cookies

Their purpose it to help us using special functions integrated into the website. Some allow seeing total traffic, Google Analytics data. Others provide interaction with social networks – they allow to share content, put likes.

Advertising cookies

Aimed to analyze behavior of the visitors. This information is used for recommending advertisements which might be useful for you and correspond to your interests.

Personal information protection

We neither use anyone’s personal data, nor share it with anyone. It is used to get individual settings associated with a specific user. The information cannot be shared with third parties and stays encrypted. The only exclusion is when the clients agrees to it.

Managing cookies

You can change preferences in most of the browsers. The tool can be found in a special menu. Specific instructions for each browser are available here:

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It is easy to accept or decline cookies. Just click one of two options – accept or reject. Note, however, that rejection may lead to the site’s reduced functionality or its incorrect work.

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